Leander is well suited to the frigate global market
Preparing for Life On The Sea

Leander is designed to go places and that is a critical factor in keeping the ships company happy. Leander is also good to look at – any family would be proud to receive a postcard of her. Leander’s compactness and logical layout provides for quick familiarity, ease of movement, a sense of community and reduced cleaning duties.

Her accommodation is modern, well laid out and spacious. Leander has a good seakeeping hull that ensures passages are comfortable and sea duties can be performed. We have kept the sailor/maintainer at the centre of our design and we continue strive for a design that makes for a ‘happy life’ at sea.

Leander Operating Conditions

Maximum air temperature +45°C
Minimum air temperature -9°C
Maximum SW temperature +32°C
Minimum SW temperature +2°C

Leander Accommodation

Accommodation of a standard fit for a modern navy for the core complement and for extended duration augmentees embarked for aviation, boat or other operations.

Carefully design messes, accommodation and washing facilities provide a comfortable living environment while stimulating team spirit.  Leader is also fitted for special accommodation for short duration augmentees.

First Rate Living Quarters

Living Quarters include modern bunk arrangement and personal storage systems. The materials are specially selected to provide a comfortable and low maintenance living environment.

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