Leander is well suited to the frigate global market
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Leander has been designed to be built in a single shipyard using modular construction techniques or it can be built in numerous fabrication shipyards and centrally assembled.

Leander General Purpose Frigate Performance Specification (Example)
Maximum Speed 25kn
Endurance with core crew 35days
Gearboxes x2 (port Z-type, stbd U-type)
Speed (electric drive) 12kn
Turning Circle (ship lengths) 5
Shaft and propeller CPP
Range at 12kn 8100nm
Stopping Distance (ship lengths) 4-5
Electric Propulsion Motors (per shaft) 700kW
Range at 16kn 7600nm
Main Engines 9.1MW
Stabilisers (Hydraulic fins) 2
Leander Dimensions

Length overall 117.00m
Beam, moulded 14.60m
Design draft 4.50m
Air draft, light seagoing 27.00m
Displacement 3,677t
Accommodation 137 pers

Leander Classification

Lloyds Naval Ship Rules ✠100A1, NS2 Frigate, SA1, AIR, ESA, RSA, LA, LAP, TA2, LMC, PSMRL, CCS, RAS(ABV)(NT), ELS, FIRE**, ESC**, LSAE**, CEPAC2, MD, SH, POL(I, IV, V, VI, AFS), ENV(A, BWT, OW, IHM, NOx-3, SOx, RS)

Leander Operating Conditions

Maximum air temperature +45°C
Minimum air temperature -9°C
Maximum SW temperature +32°C
Minimum SW temperature 0°C

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