Leander is well suited to the frigate global market
Leading the way on the Front

Leander is foremost a warship, so we have designed her to be both capable and survivable.  The Royal Navy is a ‘blue water’ and ‘operationally focused’ navy that must be ‘ready to fight’. All those decades of operator feedback are now embedded in Leander.

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Leander defence Engagement

Leander as a ‘purchasable warship’ design is already part of defence engagement.

Leander has been designed to tour the world. Her compact size means she can be better integrated into a host nation fleet or a local task group. Customers may wish to fit a open architecture combat management system that is designed to host external software which in turn encourages better interoperability, improved communications and information sharing.

Providing Support & Maritime Security

Leander is ideally suited to maritime security operations because of the ships long-range sensors, her high endurance, the extensive range of military boats and offboard systems and her armaments.

The Leander power and propulsion system has also been designed to offer operational efficiency is lots of different modes and speeds. The ship’s company can also be adjusted to meet differing operational demands.

Utilised For Patrol & Escort

Leander is ideally suited to Patrol and Security operations because of her stealth, long range sensors, endurance and armaments. Leander has been designed to be highly fuel efficient at patrol and escort speeds.

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