Leander is well suited to the frigate global market
Features that are Quality Throughout

Leander has many noteworthy features.

Her bow area can house a choice of medium calibre guns forward of a Sea Ceptor silo.

Behind the Bridge is space for a Mark 41 launcher and space for surface attack missiles.

The centre section also includes a crane for handling naval materiel and passing logistic loads into the very flexible ‘Mission Bay’ stationed beneath. This ‘Mission Bay’ offers significant boat handing capacity and mission payload configurability.

Customers will be intrigued by the large hangar, flight deck and the stern handling space design with anti-submarine warfare customisation in mind.

Leander Mission Bay

Four Mission Bays located amidships on one deck provide a highly flexible capability. The bays can be used to operate boats, stow and access ISO Containers, operate UXVs and other mission equipment.

Bays are provided with ship services (power, water).  Various combinations of boats up to 9.5m can be stowed and operated.  The aft starboard Mission Bay has a hatch over with crane to allow stores and equipment to be moved from alongside the ship and lowered into the Mission Bay.

This Mission Bay also has direct access to the Flight Deck.

Leander takes inspiration from the T26 Frigate Operations Bay and provides a central operationally flexible cargo space. This feature will provide customers with huge mission flexibility and the ability to house a nations own domestic boats, containers and offboard systems. The Operations Bay turns Leander from a solo naval asset and into a deployable mini-Fleet.

Leander Flight Deck

The Leander flight deck uses the latest design, build and acceptance experiences from the Batch 2 River Class. The flight deck provides the pilot with a large safe landing area with good visual cueing to assist landing. The flight deck also provides broken airflow to provide aerodynamic stability during transition onto the landing spot. The pilot is further aided by a full modern suite of landing lights and flight deck safety equipment.

Leander Radar

The Leander offer to the Royal Navy employs the world leading Type 997 Artisan Radar which has been proven in the challenging Gulf aerothermal conditions. Radar has already been fitted to T23, HMS Ocean, the two Landing Platform Docks and the two UK Aircraft Carriers.

This radar offers long range surveillance and can simultaneously follow many hundreds of tracks (even supersonic targets). The radar is also protected by a complex range of self-defence techniques and can defeat even the most sophisticated of radar jammers. Type 997 radar is the ships all seeing eye.

Leander has been designed to take a wide range of radar equipment.

Leander Weaponry

Leander can carry a wide range of weapon systems: missiles, medium calibre gun, secondary guns, military boats, helicopters. She is also able to carry unmanned air vehicles, unmanned surface vessels, unmanned submersibles and can even be fitted with the next generation of laser weapons.  Leander is a steel holster for the weapons of your choice.

Leander Navigation

Leander is loaded with a wide range of military and civil navigation equipment.  Leander will never get lost – unless we don’t want to be found by means of our stealth features.

Leander Combat Management System

The Leander offer to the Royal Navy comes from a fully scalable family of combat management systems can meet the full range of combat demands from mine countermeasures all the way up to carrier air and ballistic missile defence.  For Leander, our combat management system will be enhanced with autonomy to reduce operating manpower demands and incorporate core unmanned systems command and control capabilities, preparing it for future warfare concepts. Other Combat Management System options are available.

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