Leander is well suited to the frigate global market
Built to suit The needs of all

Leander has been carefully designed to maximise customer freedom in selecting: weapons, preferred combat management systems, power and propulsion arrangements, platform equipment’s and habitability standards.

Leander is a well thought out design offering operators a great deal of flexibility in ‘how’ military tasks are performed through its sophisticated capability choices and layout.

A great deal of thought has been given as to how the Leander could adapt with time. We have provided an open system architecture and set of through-life growth margins sufficient to deal with further technology insertion, capability upgrades and role changes.

Leander incorporates healthy through life margins for power, weight, space and cooling to allow for additional mission equipment to be fitted.

Leander can be provided in a number of ship lengths from 99m to 120m.  Designs currently exist for 99m, 102m, 117m and 120m.


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Flexible Sizing

Leander is available in four sizes:


Mission Bay ISO Containers

The ability to carry ISO containers provides Leander with additional payload flexibility in line with NATO aspirations for mission modularity. These payloads could include stores, spares, disaster relief stocks, offboard systems, weapons, communications systems, accommodation, medical or even special forces materiel.

The UK has significant experience of containerisation for military operations. This approach also provides export customers with a means of achieving local customisation and operational flexibility.

The ship can accommodate up to 8 ISO Containers; 1 on 02 Deck, 3 in the aft starboard Mission Bay, one in each of the other three Mission Bays, and one in the hangar.  Those ISO Container locations within the ship are then provided with ship services.

British Built for Global Export

Leander’s affordable price, size, capability and low running costs make it highly desirable for navies looking to modernise or increase the size of their fleet. As a result, Leander has received significant global interest with ongoing opportunities in several countries. Customers can request that Leander be built in the UK by Cammell Laird

Leander is highly adaptable with key systems being interchangeable with international or domestic supply chain preferences.

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